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Below is a list of documents you will likely need for your loan approval to go smoothly. Many of them may be at your fingertips.

  1. The past 2 years of filed FEDERAL Tax returns along with any W2’s in your possession or any document used to determine taxable income. Be sure to include any schedules for any businesses you might have on the side or any contracted work you did for other employers, i.e. any 1099’s or K-1’s for partnerships, S-Corporations,etc. If you have a separate tax return for a business, your lender will need that as well as the Articles of Incorporation, LLC, or S-Corp.
  2. The most recent pay stubs, for all borrowers, to cover one full month. If you are on a bi-weekly payroll, that would mean 3 pay stubs since 2 of them would only cover 28 days. Updated pay stubs will be required throughout the underwriting of your file to keep the information as current as possible.
  3. The most recent 2 bank statements for all accounts, from all banks and depository institutions, with all pages even if they are blank. If your statements are printed on 2 sides of paper, be sure to include those pages, too. If there is a non-borrowing party named on the statements, a letter from them will be required to prove all funds in the account are 100% accessible by you.
  4. A copy of the most recent retirement statement including 401k, 403b, IRA’s, etc. I don’t need a copy of pensions or any retirement vehicle where it cannot be drawn upon until retirement age.
  5. Credit: If you have derogatory on your credit report such as late payments, a letter of explanation on what happened will be required. Be sure to give as much detail as possible along with dates or any other pertinent information that will help me determine the likelihood it will occur again. If you have accounts that are in dispute for whatever reason, I cannot fund a loan where accounts are in dispute because the credit reports don’t reveal the details of the dispute. The disputes will need to be removed BEFORE I can issue a final approval. I can assist in coming up with a game plan to remove the disputes from your credit reports.
  6. The most recent mortgage statement from your current servicer(s), for all mortgages currently on your home now.
  7. A copy of your Homeowner’s insurance declarations pages that shows the annual premium. This is typically for a refinance loan.
  8. A letter of explanation for any large deposits into your bank accounts that are outside the normal deposits from payroll or automatic deposits. Prepare to document the source of the large deposit with copies of deposited checks, bonuses, or whatever the case might be. The reason this is needed is because the underwriter will want to make sure the deposit wasn’t funds from an un-disclosed debt or an un-secured loan that doesn’t show on your credit report.
  9. A scanned copy of your photo ID such as a driver’s license. This day and age with fraud and identity theft, it is important I get proper identification for every borrower.
  10. A scanned copy of your social security card.
  11. If this is an application for a Refinance of a Government loan such as FHA or VA, I willneed a copy of the HUD Settlement Statement, Note, and any Riders from when you purchased the home. This can be found in the packet you were hopefully given at the closing of your house.
  12. If you are a U.S. Military Veteran applying for the VA guaranteed loan, please provide a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility, DD-214, and any document if you are determined by the VA as disabled. You will also need to provide the contact information of the nearest living relative and disclose any child care expenses.
  13. If gift funds from a blood relative are needed to close your loan, there will beseparate instructions on how to document those funds.
  14. If you pay or receive child support or alimony, a copy of your divorce decree(signed by the judge) along with custody agreement. If you don’t have a divorce decree, a copy of the child support order will suffice.

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