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Deciding to invest in real estate can be a complex decision, especially in today’s economic climate. At DVG Realty, we guide our clients through the process of investing in real estate.

Why would I buy an investment property? Real estate investors buy property for a number of reasons, including the added income stream from renters and equity on the investment. Another type of investor, commonly referred to as a “flipper”, is one who purchases a property and then renovates and resells at an amount higher than the original purchase price. Let’s face it–real estate is a great way to increase income!

Tell me about your Passive Aggressive Program! DVG Realty works with the investor at top of mind and maximizing ROI for those investors. DVG Realty is your one-stop shop for real estate investment opportunities. We have it all–from the agents who help you analyze and buy a potential investment to the project managers who oversee the rehab to the property management team to manage your rental property. Because (aggressive) DVG Realty concentrates itself in these total turnkey investment opportunities, very little needs to be done by the (passive) investors. DVG Realty analyzes and acquires properties in STABLE MARKETS with consistent, long-term growth potential that are less likely to see serious loss when another real estate crash occurs.

Can I use my Self-Directed IRA to invest in real estate? Yes! With the roller coaster many IRAs are currently riding, now is the time to learn how to regain control of your IRA by self-directing it into Investment Real Estate! DVG Realty wants to share with you how positive cash flowing properties are generating net returns for investors in a stable real estate market that are exceeding many of today’s IRA portfolios, with more stability and more consistent returns than many traditional IRAs!

Can you help me purchase a bank-owned home? Yes! We work closely with the top REO realtors in the Omaha area to identify suitable investment properties for our clients. Whether you’re a first time investor or building a portfolio, we are here to help!

Do you know about buying short sale homes as investment homes? Yes! As active Certified Distress Property Experts (CDPE), we control approximately 65% of the successfully closed short sale market in the Omaha area.

Can I purchase properties from auctions? Yes! We provide a bid service that allows investors to purchase homes through foreclosure auction.

Do I have to find my own contractors to fix up homes I want to use as investment properties? Absolutely not! Remember, DVG Realty is your total turnkey real estate investment company. We work with Schlick Construction, who specializes in residential remodeling and have fully renovated over 75 properties in the past 3 years. Together, DVG Realty and Schlick Construction focus on creating updated spaces that are cost effective today as well as in the future. Our goal is to update a property within budget and timeframe, while doing our best to ensure that little to no maintenance will be required over the next 5+ years.

We are proud to be the Omaha area experts in real estate for investors!

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